Mr. Mutangana Jean-Baptiste, the Chairman of Muganza-Kivu Tea Factory
Limited and the other shareholder have diverse investments/businesses in Rwanda, South Africa and Burundi.

Their broad entrepreneur knowledge and exposure, encouraged them to invest and develop two tea factories along with the tea plantations, namely Karongi Tea Factory Ltd and Muganza-Kivu Tea Factory Ltd.

Muganza-Kivu Tea Factory Ltd is 100 percent privately owned and it is the latest addition to the existing factories in Rwanda. There are currently 15 tea factories located primarily in the Western, Northern and Southern Provinces Rwanda.

Muganza Kivu Tea Estate comprises of its own plantation known as Industrial Block (50%) as well as Smallholders Farmer’s tea. The factory operates on an area of more than 2,000 hectares of Tea Plantation. These plantations are located in the High Mountains of The Nyungwe Forest in the Southern Province.

Muganza Kivu Tea Factory primarily produces CTC black tea, which is handpicked and brought to the factory for processing. Packaging is typically sourced from Uganda or Kenya and is then sent to the weekly Mombasa tea auction (the largest black tea auction in the world) where it is re-exported to international markets.

To be the leading agribusiness plantation company in Rwanda

To promote the tea sector, while participating in the improvement of the economy at national level and the level of the farmers of the district of NYARUGURU, within the framework of realization of the objectives of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) of Rwanda.