Our Company History

Karongi Tea Factory Limited is a Rwandan company, 100 percent privately owned and its principal business is tea growing, processing and marketing. The Tea factory and the tea plantations are located in Karongi District (Kibuye), in the western Province of Rwanda. The factory operates on an area of more than 2000 hectares of Tea Plantation. Karongi Tea Factory" is an initiative of two following Shareholders: Mr Mutangana J. Baptiste and Madam Kabareme Soline Mutangana, who society represented by Mr Mutangana J. Baptiste.


  Our Mission  

To promote the tea sector, participating in the improvement of the economy at national level and the level of the farmers of the district of KARONGI, within the framework of realization of the objectives of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy of the Government of Rwanda.

  Our Vision  

To be leading agribusiness plantation company in Rwanda.

Our strengths

  • We are a family owned company, this makes us high organized, energized and professional.
  • Strong design of marketing strategies
  • Experienced management team and employees in tea sector
  • Strong geographical location with high altitude favourable for tea growing


  • Best PD grade in the 2nd Tea Convention & Exhibition
  • In the 2nd Africa Tea Convention held in 2013, Karongi Tea Factory won The Best PD Award.