Brief on the 3rd Africa tea convention and Exhibition

Avenue: Radisson Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya from 11-12th May 2017

1. Background of Africa tea Convention and Exhibition

The Africa convention has been organized and hosted for 2 years, the first convention and exhibition was held in Kenya in 2011 organized by East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA) and the second convention and exhibition was organized by National Agricultural Export Development Board in Kigali, Rwanda. The best tea completion for the main grades was won by Rwanda tea factories which were Kitabi, Gisovu and Karongi respectively.

2. The 3rd African Tea Convention and exhibition

This year, the 3rd African tea convention and exhibition is taking place in Nairobi, Kenya from 11th-12th May 2017 at the Radisson Blue Hotel under the theme ‘’Sustainable Tea Farming- An Inspiring Future Nature, Health and Rewarding livelihoods’’. This event has gathered different tea stakeholders (Tea producers, brokers, buyers, blenders, packers, researchers, etc) across the world to discuss tea business and its sustainability in the future.

The main activities planned 2017 tea convention and exhibition are; charity tea auction where teas donated by Rwanda tea factories were sold between $ 15 and $10 per kilo of made tea. A total of 56,180 US dollars was realized from this activity and be donated to needy organizations, in case of Rwanda IMIZI children home will be beneficiary of tea charity funds.

Second activity was on tea conference presentation which were given by different presenters covered areas including tea consumption and market diversification, sustainability in tea industry, effect of climate change, technology and e-commerce, marketing dynamics, the role of PPP in the development of tea value chain ( Rwanda case study), among others.

Third major event was exhibition of Africa teas and other industries related to tea industries. Major tea buyers visited various booths and Rwanda tea exhibitors created business network with them. As Rwanda tea industry is look for increase of direct sales even the tea buyers expressed interest in accessing more Rwandan teas on private and regular contracts with Rwandan companies.

Out of 12 possible awards for best quality teas 11 of them were shared among three Rwanda factories which Nyabihu,Rubaya,Kitabi,Gisovu and Muganza-Kivu. The overall winner was Nyabihu tea factory.

Details of Rwandan tea factories and Best tea quality grades they won:

Overall winner is: Nyabihu Tea Factory

1st position: Nyabihu
2nd Position: Gisovu
3rd position: Muganza Kivu

1st position: Kenya tea factory
2nd Position: Nyabihu
3rd Position: Muganza Kivu

1st position: Nyabihu
2nd Position: Rubaya
3rd position: Gisovu

1st position: Kitabi
2nd Position: Nyabihu
3rd position: Gisovu